Carbon Farming Partners overview

Putting the landholder first

Founded as part of the CarbonTP group, Carbon Farming Partners Pty Ltd is a carbon farming and technology company that specialises in developing and aggregating carbon farming projects throughout Australia.

We collaborate with landholders to develop carbon farming opportunities on their landholdings. Our commercial structures align Carbon Farming Partners’ interests with the landholder’s objectives, maximising each project’s chances of success.

We work with methods approved by the Clean Energy Regulator (CER) to help Australian farmers and landowners generate Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) from land-based carbon projects.  Our approach is agnostic to the CER method, provided it can deliver an economic return to the landholder.

CarbonTP’s corporate objective is to decarbonise the extractive industry sector primarily through emissions reductions, with the use of offsets for the harder to abate emissions.   Carbon Farming Partners is an important pillar of our strategy to achieve this objective.  We are also exploring the use of software and technology to improve the viability of carbon farming opportunities.

Our skills include:

  • Carbon farming opportunity evaluation and development
  • Software and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Finance and Trading for carbon projects and carbon credits generated
  • Innovative commercial structuring

Partnering with us

Carbon Farming Partners is a differentiated carbon developer in Australia, built on the back of strong working relationships with both landholders and large emitters. We collaborate with our project partners to make carbon farming financially sustainable for all parties and help to establish it as a genuine tool in the decarbonisation efforts of emitters.

Carbon Farming Partners’ goal is to provide a holistic solution to land-based carbon offset development.

We are fortunate to work with a diverse team who are committed to their projects and passionate about helping landholders achieve great outcomes for their businesses and the environment.

Working collaboratively with landholders, investors, researchers and emitters we enjoy a full appreciation of the needs and motivations of all parties involved in land based ACCU generation and purchasing

Whether you are managing land, seeking carbon offsets, or otherwise interested in ‘net zero’ emissions please get in touch to have a no obligations chat about carbon farming and how it may fit into your business model.

Our Team

  • Bob Cowan, Managing Director
  • Raj Aggarwal
  • Martin Lee
  • Robert Minson
  • Deirdre Clyne

Our Partners

Carbon West

  • Jennifer West
  • Sam Ewart